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apt-get install tcpdump chmod +s /usr/sbin/tcpdump apt-get install libcap2-bin setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip /usr/sbin/tcpdump getcap /usr/sbin/tcpdump apt-get install libcap2-bin setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip /usr/sbin/tcpdump getcap /usr/sbin/tcpdump Currently we have all the Cuckoo's tools installed. by Romain Gaucher - ./[--log|-l log_file] [--filters|-f filter_file] [--period time-frame] [OPTIONS] [--attack a1,a2,..,an] [--sample|-s 4.2] --log |-l: the apache log file './access_log' by default --filters |-f: the filter file './default_filter.xml' by default --exhaustive|-e: will report all type of attacks detected and not stop at the first found --tough |-u: try to decode the potential attack vectors (may increase the examination time) --period |-p: the period must be specified in the same format as in the Apache logs using * as wild-card ex: 04/Apr/20;*/Mai/2008 if not specified at the end, the max or min are taken --html |-h: generate an HTML output --xml |-x: generate an XML output --text |-t: generate a simple text output (default) --except |-c: generate a file that contains the non examined logs due to the main regular expression; ill-formed Apache log etc.

Now we need to install Virtualbox in order to create our Windows Virtual machine where we will run the malware. It is common that a trojan adds a registry key to be sure that it will be running every time the computer is restarted. Scalp is a log analyzer for the Apache web server written by Romain Gaucher. --attack |-a: specify the list of attacks to look for list: xss, sqli, csrf, dos, dt, spam, id, ref, lfi the list of attacks should not contains spaces and comma separated ex: xss,sqli,lfi,ref --output |-o: specifying the output directory; by default, scalp will try to write in the same directory as the log file --sample |-s: use a random sample of the lines, the number (float in [0,100]) is the percentage, ex: --sample 0.1 for 1/1000As I said in Zero Access Trojan - Network Analysis Part I , the goal of this trojan is to earn money through Click Fraud...

Remember when you are installing the Windows operating system to disable the automatic updates and install the old software versions like Adobe Reader, Java, Flash Player. The next step is to copy the Cuckoo from the Cuckoo package to the virtual machine. If you want, you can create a key register allowing the agent to run automatically each time the computer is restarted. The goal of this tool is to search through the apache log files and detect the possible attacks that have been sent through HTTP/GET. It's interesting run the script and only make searches for xss, sqli, dos.. When the host has been already infected and it is a member of the botnet, the host beginning to generate a large amount of clicks on advertisements.

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This script is written in python and needs a XML which contains the rules to detect the attacks. I'm going to show you some Ads which have been clicked.

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As you know, the majority of the webmasters upload a file called to their servers in order to give instructions to the crawlers like Google, Yahoo, Bing... Example: does the webmaster want to hide some URLs?

One of the first things the hackers can do is check these files.

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