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Jen Myers Developer and instructor, Dev Bootcamp For me, cross-platform testing always goes much more smoothly if I spend enough time in the beginning carefully considering how easily the design and content will adapt across different devices, so I always think of that as the first step of my process.

Adam Robertson UX director, fffunction Here at fffunction we use a mixture of physical and software solutions for cross-platform testing.

We make really good use of the virtual machines available at Modern. We also have a physical device lab, which we try to keep as up-to-date as we can.

All of our builds go through these devices to ensure that the mobile experience is as good as it should be.

Responsive web design may well be the way forward, but how do you go about testing your site effectively?

Do you set up your own test suite, visit an Open Device Lab or resort to emulation? Lara Swanson Engineering manager, Etsy At Etsy, we have a variety of ways to test new features across platforms, and it's up to the designer or developer to choose their own workflow.

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