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At the time I was very bothered that my husband would even tell anyone about me, much less share spicy details. Then it sort of excited me that somebody knew about me. Finally, I looked at the clock and realized that it had been over two hours since Toni broke off the phone conversation. I came to realize that swapping tales with Kyle was important for my husband's enjoyment of my trysts. More than once, when I haven't been on a date for a while, my husband has mentioned that he needs some new "material" to share with Kyle. Like most sharing couples, my husband and I use my tales about my experiences to spark our lovemaking.

Most recently, my husband told me once again what Kyle said happened right after the first, unexpected date. I realized that nothing would ever be the same between Toni and me, never, ever again.

My husband gets hard without any help when he tells me about what went through Kyle's mind that night. I stroked myself and soon released into my handkerchief. How could I jerk off when I knew that, at that very moment, my own wife was probably fucking another man? She would always have this experience, this infidelity.

I will relate it to you from Kyle's perspective:"When I realized that my wife had just hung up after getting what she assumed was my permission to fuck that guy, I couldn't believe it. I wanted to tell her to get her ass home before I came and beat the shit out of both of them. Finally, sitting before the television, I rubbed my cock through my pants and thought about what she was probably doing. I wanted to throw something but instead, I started stroking myself again.

This site is a guide for those navigating the increasingly popular activity of wives who have sex with men other than their husbands, with the husband's knowledge and permission or aquiessence.

This site is not for people who cheat on their spouse. I heard the kitchen door open and shut and her heels on the tile floor.

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