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His father was famous children's poet Werner Lindemann and his mother, Brigitte "Gitta" Hildegard Lindemann, was ...

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", "Herzeleid", "Spiel mit mir", "Heirate mich", "Sehnsucht", "Weißes Fleisch", "Asche zu Asche") / (music: "Du riechst so gut", "Seemann", "Rammstein", "Engel", "Du hast", "Du riechst so gut 98", "Sonne", "Links 2-3-4", "Ich will", "Mutter", "Feuer frei!

", "Seemann") / (music: "Spiel mit mir", "Herzeleid", "Bestrafe mich", "Weißes Fleisch", "Sehnsucht", "Asche zu Asche", "Wilder Wein", "Klavier", "Heirate mich", "Du riechst so gut", "Du hast", "Bück dich", "Engel", "Rammstein", "Tier", "Laichzeit", "Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?

On 4-1-1963 Till Lindemann (nickname: Ramme Heerser) was born in Leipzig, Germany.

Till Lindemann is a German musician, actor and poet.

He is the lead singer of the German band Rammstein.

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