Who is katie cassidy dating 2016

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American actress best known for appearing in tv series like Arrow (as Laurel Lance), Supernatural (as Ruby) and Gossip Girl (as Juliet Sharp). In a interview, commenting about guest starring on Supernatural she said: "Most of my scenes are with Jared.... She had at least 2 inches extra footwear than me that weekend. Also average height, almost the same as Tracy Spiridakos. Katie is no more than 5'7 she's practically the same height as Blake, how the heck do you explain that? I met her again this year and thought she was taller than the last time I met her, granted she had bigger heels on..in those heels she looked a bit taller than paul wesley!

I'm supposed to be very intimidating, and when I walk up to him, I feel like a shrimp. said on 2/Feb/16 Why does she look so tall compared to 5'4" Caity Lotz on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow? If there was a height difference between them it would be a measly inch but it just goes to show Blake is nothing over 172cm, at the very most! ] said on 28/Sep/11 It's not at all uncommon for a girl to grow past 14-15yrs. Plus she was probably already 5'6 at 15 but just hadnt been measured properly, which I know is the case for most people.

This photo is from Rogue Events Supernatural Convention. Maybe 5'9 as a life time height, not that bad in my opinion. Just eat healthy and stretch that's what I Observed said on 6/Aug/12 It's funny how Katie looks the exact same height as her Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively who claims to be 5'10...

said on 7/Aug/14 Yeah i have noticed tallish and average height women (5'3-5'7) don't look at the guys height more at the personality. Most girls don't grow past the age of 15, infact while in high school I noticed that a lot of them were finished growing by age 14-15.

All the short guys i know have a girlfriend around their height (5'4-5'6). Girls usually finish growng well before most boys do because girls start puberty sooner than boys on average.

Really short girl have the stupid idea about big guy protection and very tall women get conscious. Your growth pattern actually seems more parellel to a male's(don't take this the wrong way, I'm not insulting you or calling you manly in anyway, I'm just pointing out the similarity).

said on 21/May/14 I am having a feeling you are 174 cm Rob in this pick. @Hugh 189 and all others who think 5'6.5 is average: 5'7 is considered tall for most women throughout the planet except some parts of Europe. However, I do believe that you and Katie Cassidy did grow past 17 but it is quite rare for a female to grow past that age, so I consider you two lucky cases :) said on 17/Jul/11 Maximus Meridius, most girls might be done growing at 17.

The male average is 176-77 and female average is 164-65 (in the west). But some of them would still be growing past that age, and Katie may well have been one of them.

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