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Events will be noted as to whether or not partners and/or friends and family are invited. 1) PHOTO - When you request to join the group ladies, the profile you use for this group must always include a current REAL face photo of yourself (NO NUDITY).

If you are concerned about privacy, make sure to edit your settings to "hide" your meetup groups from other viewers; Please note, in order to avoid being removed from the group please log in to show your interest in staying in the group, at least once a month.

Any member who has not logged in for 9 consecutive months may automatically be removed.

Members who are "no shows" for 3 events will be removed from the group.

So please, just let us know whether to expect your amazing presence!

Vetting We regularly host events out of our residences, and in order to protect our lovely hosts and their homes, we need to meet you in person before inviting/allowing you into an event that is being hosted out of one our home's.

Welcome to the San Diego Bisexual Women (SDBW) Meetup group!

This is a place for bisexual women to meet, socialize and connect.

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