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by  |  04-May-2015 19:15

We manipulated running memory span tasks to examine effects on recall and relations with criterion measures of working memory capacity and general fluid intelligence.

The goal of the manipulations was to limit or enhance opportunities for active input processing and response preparation in advance of test. Recall was higher at slow than at fast rates, but correlations with criterion measures were much the same across rate conditions.

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Recall scores and correlations with criterion measures were much the same across cuing conditions.

We conclude that running memory span provides valid measurement of working memory capacity that is predictive of higher order cognition across a wide range of conditions.

One way to accommodate this finding is to assume that memory evidence is more variable for studied (old) items than non-studied (new) items.

This assumption has been implemented in signal detection models, but this approach cannot accommodate the time course of decision making.

We tested the unequal-variance assumption by fitting the diffusion model to accuracy and response time (RT) distributions from nine old/new recognition data sets comprising previously-published data from 376 participants.

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