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Here's a quick summary:(UN)SIGNED TINYINT: I(UN)SIGNED SMALLINT: I(UN)SIGNED MEDIUMINT: ISIGNED INT: IUNSIGNED INT: S(UN)SIGNED BIGINT: S(VAR)CHAR, (TINY/SMALL/MEDIUM/BIG)TEXT/BLOB should all have S. This means that keeping in mind precision limits and avoiding manually casting the variable to (int) first, you can still use the 'i' binding type for larger numbers.

i.e.:3) You can default to 's' for most parameter arguments in most cases.

updating plsql-61

This allows you to bind not only to larger numbers without concern for precision, but also to objects as long as that object has a '__to String' method.

This auto-string casting behavior greatly improves things like datetime handling.

For example: if you extended Date Time class to add a __to String method which outputs the datetime format expected by Mysql, you can just bind to that Date Time_Extended object using type 's'.

There are some things to note when working with mysqli::bind_param() and array-elements.

Re-assigning an array will break any references, no matter if the keys are identical.

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