Ufo dating matches who is paris dating now 2016

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The UFO was following the space station as it was on the day side of the earth and even followed it into the night side, as you see below.

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Enter The Amazing Kreskin's Supernatural Dating Society, which helps paranormal enthusiasts find similar-minded companions.

The site's 80-year-old founder, the Amazing Kreskin himself, spoke to about the site, which he says provides users with "a way to express themselves, and not feel embarrassed or humiliated or like they're a kook." Kreskin explained that after his mentalist shows, people would often tell him they wanted to find others to accompany them in exploring allegedly haunted sites, and his website will allow users with similar paranormal interests, whether that means mind control or UFOs, to connect.

In the interview, he also offered up some sage dating advice, suggesting that people "put the damn cell phone away" and have actual conversations with one another.

DO YOUR INTERESTS include curses, vampires, visitations by aliens, haunted houses, extra sensory perception, astrology, mind control, spirit healing, zombies, prophecy, contacting the dead, or maybe mind reading, but you struggle to find a date on Tinder or dating websites? A new dating website, The Amazing Kreskin’s Supernatural Dating Society, has been launched, designed for “enthusiasts of the paranormal, the unexplained, the mystical, the implausible”, offering a ‘fascinating new world of dating connections’.

The founder of the site, The Amazing Kreskin (80), a mentalist, explained to that the idea came to him after meeting people who wanted to meet people who shared their interests in the supernatural, but feared they would be branded as ‘crazy’.

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