Tyrese dating

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She gave birth to their daughter Shayla Lyana Gibson on July 11th, 2007.

Norma met Tyrese in 2003, she was living in London with her mother, was going to college and was unemployed.

They dated for a year before she moved to L/A with him, she found she was pregnant in mid 2006, after their divorce in 2009 he agreed to give Norma $6,230 in support, plus he pays her rent, car lease and all of Shayla expenses, clothes, school, etc..

and when he asked for her phone number so they could arrange a play date for their kids, she failed to pick up on the fact that the smooth operator was making a play. I’m a little rusty," she laughed during an appearance on U. news show , noting she later received confirmation that Tyrese had a crush on her.

“So next time if somebody comes flirting, just tell me you are flirting, because apparently I’m not picking up on it at all. We're trying to get the kids together, have a little fun...

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