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The focus of this is catch a girl from Eastern Europe (Candy Land).However, the ideas can be applied to any garden variety Cinderella you want to transform into your princess.It is no secret that women in Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Russia and Poland have that, je ne sais quoi, and make great wives. I live in Eastern Europe as an expat and married my princess. To find your wife, you need to have this same irresistible attraction.

Turkish men on dating

Therefore, the purpose of this post is to give guys specific ideas to win a girl from Eastern Europe or generally the girl of their dreams. It will not be any recycled ideas on dating tips you see elsewhere on the web as these are based on my personal experiences. To find my wife, my eyes did the work, or maybe it was destiny. For example, if you like long legs, find a girl with disproportionately long legs. Find what would give your real joy to admire for many years to come. About nine months after I meet her, I really had my first real date.

Getting her to date you – Once you find her the challenge is to get her to date you. Between that time she hung up the phone 37 times, slammed the door on my face 2 times and just did not show up for a planned confirmed date 1 time.

I was left standing with flowers in my hand, checking my cell phone incessantly. Oh except when we were in Vienna on my birthday and she just took off. In Eastern Europe women like flirt and to challenge the guy.

Or the time we were even on national TV together on a program about life in Poland, holding hands and smiling, only later that day she broke up with me, and in her words it was for good this time. This is all part of the testing process as they are playing for keeps.

Or the time she had a cast iron skillet in her hand and throw it at me. After that first date and perhaps two years later she was still running away. Shakespeare wrote: You need to have the wisdom to discern what is going on. Usually they are testing you at a subconscious level to see if you are a guy that will really stick around. In the USA, if you try twice with a girl to get her attention, you are a freak., or they will use the word stalk liberally in a war party with their friends when they talk about guys.

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