The dating ground

by  |  16-Dec-2014 10:30

This could be as infrequent as answering her occasional phone call to regularly making plans for pick-ups or drop-offs and filling her in about anything that happened when her kids were at your place.

You don’t have to be bosom buddies, but you should be able to get along and be willing to communicate when it relates to the little ones. “Children shouldn’t be involved in parental dating until you’re really serious and it’s a committed relationship,” says Gilda Carle, Ph. “Children become easily attached and you don’t want to disappoint or hurt them if things don’t work out.” A single dad who adheres to this really cares about his kids and isn’t just casually bringing women in and out of his children’s lives.

“Finding this out is easy and you should do so sooner than later,” says Carle, who suggests asking him, “Would you consider having children again?

” Just make sure not to add “with me.” Here’s why: “If it’s too early on, that may scare him, or you may not get the real answer,” says Carle.

Sounds obvious, but if your guy’s close to his kids (which is a good thing), then his little ones will be part of your life, too. Cheese than wine and cheese and that sleeping at his place may turn into a slumber party.

He has an impressive-sounding job, a summer house by the lake, a nice car in the garage… Yes, you’re dating a divorced dad, and he’s a tricky species, indeed.

And did we mention an ex-wife who doesn’t love the idea of another woman making her children pancakes?

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