Text dating rules for women

by  |  11-Feb-2016 15:21

We know how much you love your i Phone 3GS, believe us, we do—but constantly checking your email, Facebook and voicemails during a date is rude and disrespectful. Yes, she wants to hear from you after your successful date, but not ten times in ten minutes! Use your Yelp application to track down the nearest coffee house or romantic dining spot.

Put away the phone and give your date some undivided attention. We've all heard stories of celebrities who got dumped or did the dumping via text message. You are on the cutting edge of coolness and technology! Just like the danger of calling too many times, you can overkill on the texting. You'll never have to worry about getting lost again with GPS applications.

So is it ever okay for you to text your breakup announcement to the person you're saying sayonara to? Even in 2010, breaking up by text message is considered heartless, gutless, and impersonal. You can check calendars to schedule your next date and commemorate your date with some cool phone pics (and have them to show your friends later!

*I was late to pick up this guy I was seeing (because of traffic) and he informed me that he had been waiting for me for 30 minutes. We didn't really talk much on the way home [what follows is her recount of many barely returned, or unreturned texts she sent the guy over the following days and weeks}…I sent another text and he never said anything.

But you should be using it; it, or he, shouldn't be using you.

Texting has given both men and women a whole new forum with which to infuriate each other—I'm in no way saying that you should be using your phone as a weapon, or the joystick in some game.

Whatever you think you have to say, you don't. I am both a writer and a guy who knows a little something or other about dating, writing more than he does is not to your benefit.

"Always waiting for the guy to initiate contact is annoying to most men," says Harold, 35.

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