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"You used force that was unreasonable in all the circumstances." His brother, 15, who joined in the vicious attack, was sentenced to 12-month youth referral order after pleading guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.Mr Breen was heading home on October 27 last year after a day's work on a building site in Stratford when the attack happened.The boys had spent the afternoon hanging around Westfield Shopping Centre and entered Stratford tube station around 20 seconds before Mr Breen.

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"The group of five went on to the escalator within the tube station, and stood on the left hand side, the side on which passengers generally walk down.

"Mr Breen was on the same side behind them, he had gone through the ticket barrier 20 seconds after them and there was some sort of verbal exchange between Mr Breen and one or more of the group.

"Two eye witnesses recall one of them apparently teasing or winding up Mr Breen.

A teenager who killed a construction worker with an "almighty punch" in a row over blocking the escalator during rush hour on the Tube has been locked up for two years and nine months.

John Francis Breen, 53, was on his way home from work when he was set upon by two brothers at Stratford Station.

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