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For 25 minutes, I was joined at my table by a group of 6-10 students.

Our conversation was mainly focussed on my work, career progression and choices: what subjects I did at school, what my degree involved, which university I attended, and so on.

There were also the usual questions you would expect from students: “” After 25 minutes, the group of students swapped with another, and I repeated the process with the newcomers.

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Most of the time this is due their lack of understanding of the opportunities that these subjects have to offer them.

There are also a lot of unhelpful myths—for example, that “engineering is for men”—that discourage students from taking up subjects that they might have a real talent for.

The STEMNET programme has been proven to make a big difference to those young people who have been exposed to it; just read the statistics concerning the impact of STEMNET programmes on STEMNET’s website.

Think you could decide if you´ve found your match made in heaven in just a few minutes?

Speed dating is a craze that has swept the nation and provides a a fantastic way of making plenty of contacts and hopefully meeting that person with whom you really relate to.

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