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by  |  19-Jun-2016 19:48

Instead of being vulnerable and saying what I wanted to say, I was so afraid of being rejected that I would put up walls around me that would prevent any form of a negative experience affecting me.

Now because of these walls, I couldn’t demonstrate my true intentions.

So saying something as simple as “Hey, I just noticed you and thought you looked really cute, so I just wanted to meet you”, would never happen because I was so afraid of her saying no.

Because I would play hard to get, and confuse Women with my “interested-but-disinterested” behaviours, the only girls that I would date were the ones who were so insecure that they would relentlessly chase me down to win me a great thing, and for a short moment, it is.

But then their baggage and insecurities that caused them to be relentless at proving to themselves that they can win over a hard-to-get Guy starts to affect your life in a bad way.

This is the beginning of a toxic relationship, and you can read more about how this dynamic works in the article “Why Every Girl You Date Is A Psycho”. I was scared of being confronted with the possibility of my inadequacy as a Man who can’t seduce a Woman that he desires. I was focused on everything that could go wrong, instead of focusing on What Could Go Right.

In relationships, the Law of Attraction isn’t a magical, mystical, fancy-pants mating dance that somehow beckons beautiful Women to throw themselves at you.

It is a law – much the same as gravity – but it isn’t what you think it would be.

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