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“We realized that for many survivors, there was no safe space to talk about their experiences, and that many didn’t have other survivors to process with,” said Pino in an e-mail.

“We knew that campus rape was a national problem, and that beyond a safe space, we also needed a way to connect our stories; a place where we could talk about how what was happening on our individual campuses was happening on every campus.” The group, which was originally home to around 20 members, now seeks to support and engage 754 survivors and allies.

Allison Hrabar ’16, a survivor of sexual assault, was added this summer when it had 500 members.

“It’s been good as far as connecting me to other people who can give me advice,” Hrabar said.

Many of its members provided her with advice on how to proceed with reporting and filing a case at Swarthmore.


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