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In the place of the app will rise bots – intelligent beings that sit within fewer apps and talk to you via chat, just like a helpful assistant who texts you.Interacting with these bots is a bit like typing a search into Google , except you can go beyond asking questions.

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They have had a good run – since the Apple App Store launched in 2008, officially coining the phrase “apps” for tiny mobile programs, there have been more than 100bn apps downloaded from the Apple store alone.

With nearly four million apps available across mobile stores, and $20bn (£14bn) spent by customers on i OS apps in 2015 alone, predictions for the size of the mobile app marketplace by 2017 range from $77bn to $150bn.

Because of how quick and convenient they are, apps have seeped from mobile phones onto tablets, laptops, watches and now television sets.

The bot support brings the artificial intelligence technology cross-platform, available in a new preview for the communication software.

Bots available include Murphy, a bot to find and create images for "when questions can't be answered by words alone," and Summarize, a bot designed to give an overview of a web page if "you don't have time to read the whole thing".

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