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by  |  31-Jan-2016 18:44

After long chats on MSN with the last girl she said she was an escort and stuff so I decided not to meet her :) At the end of my second month, I have to say Horny does seem to have an unbelievably active female membership base comparing to all the other adult dating sites I subscribed in.

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Services offered - Adult personals for sexual relationships, swingers, couples, bi, gay and lesbians. If you're looking for some passion in your life, if you want sharing your sexual fantasies then is the place for you to explore.

Site Languages - Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, etc. You can meet people through email, live chat, blogging, groups both locally and all around the world. Your hot list makes it easy for you to keep track of all your friends and potential sex dating partners.

It's the level of your membership which determines how many friends you can have in your list.

Horny seems to be a very popular nowdays so I was asked to make a short review.

I browsed a few profiles and they seem to be genuine...

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