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by  |  28-Sep-2014 12:53

The last SIGGRAPH in Anaheim did not go well from a 3ds Max PR perspective.

At the Autodesk User Group presentation, due to some late cancellations of speakers and other issues, there was no 3ds Max presence at all.

The situation only got worse in the blogs and chat rooms afterwards when user after user and even some historically key founding writers of 3ds Max all pointed to a company that had seemed to turn away from 3ds Max and brought down the shutters.

To prove this the team is not only hiring, but it has brought back 'into the tent' 3ds Max founder Tom Hudson, who originally wrote THUD, the project that became 3ds Max (back at the Yost group).

Tom had long ago left 3ds Max and was in no way connected nor financially linked to the product.

He was one of the people posting in forums that when he had sent some great ideas into Autodesk about possible new improvements no one could even be bothered to reply to his email.

Normally this is the page people introduce themselves. I've been here for almost a year but just lurking in the shadows lol I became more active at the start of summer and eventually became a vendor with the love and support of my bunnies. I came along quite far with it and learning new things everyday.

So with a lot of patience and hard work I managed to learn to use photoshop by myself in one year.

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