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Tarfful was a male Wookiee chieftain and general who helped defend his native planet Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars.

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There, Chewbacca managed to build a device which sent a distress signal to Kashyyyk.

Upon hearing of his friend's situation, Tarfful hired the bounty hunters Sugi and Seripas to transport him and a group of his most trusted warriors to Wasskah.

Once there, the chieftain and his men made quick work of the Trandoshans and rescued Chewbacca, as well as Jedi younglings Ahsoka Tano, Jinx, and O-Mer.

Aided by the Grand Army of the Republic, he led a local militia against the invading Separatist droid forces.

Following the implementation of Order 66, Tarfful and Chewbacca helped Yoda elude the clone troopers and escape from the planet.

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