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There is an even longer feathering on the ears, back of the legs, belly and brisket, extending to the chest.

Irish Setters are energetic, intelligent, affectionate, loving, high-spirited and full of energy.

They have no guarding instincts, get along with other pets and are good with children.

This breed can be reckless and high-strung if it does not receive the proper amount of mental and physical exercise and may become destructive and hard to manage.

"Bama the Irish Setter at 11 months old loves the water, going for long walks, going with us when we ride bikes, swimming , riding in the car and truck, but most of all going with me when I ride the horses!!

We moved the horses back home in their new fence, so I take Bama a lot with me! I'm a photographer so he makes taking pictures of him fun!! He loves butter cream icing, shrimp tails, dog cookies, raw hide chewies and birthday cake! He has gotten better when we leave him in the bus truck or car; he knows that we are coming back. If you have the time and are active with the outdoors this breed might be right for you!! The long, lean head is at least double the width between the ears than it is in length.

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