Scripture against dating non believers Public cam chat

by  |  02-Dec-2015 10:59

The standards of the Assemblies of God are the teachings of Scripture.

The Bible explicitly prohibits a believer from entering into any serious relationship or marriage with a non-believer.

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It is not only the Old Testament that teaches against this but also the New Testament.

Paul says emphatically that believers are only to marry "in the Lord" (1 Corinthians ), in other words to marry only another believer.

He goes on to show that it is utterly contrary to Christ’s teachings to be involved in a serious relationship with unbelievers.

Though Paul does not explicitly mention the topics of dating and marriage in 2 Corinthians -17, it clearly has meaning for such relationships.

In this passage Paul points out that we should not be united with, or bound to persons who are contrary to Christ.

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