Scam canadian dating sites

by  |  10-Aug-2016 06:00

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The detailed personal information people post to dating sites makes ideal fodder for identity theft and spear-phishing, while scamming contacts met on dating sites has become big business, with one rather unprepossessing gang recently jailed after netting over $1 million posing as military staff overseas.

The trick of being stuck in dubious foreign lands with difficult local authorities is also a standard tool, commonly used in the venerable 419 scam and in more personal cons, like the one where a contact tries to persuade you they’ve been robbed on holiday and need funds to get home – even big-name politicians have been targeted in this way.

Romance scams have become an industry of their own, netting huge amounts annually from unwary victims, although few are taken for quite as much as poor “Tony”.

A Vancouver man has lost $500,000 (CAD) to online scammers after being pulled into a complex, long-term fake romance con by a man he met on a dating site.

The crooks behind the scam are thought to have been operating out of London, with one suspect believed to have been arrested by UK police.

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