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The guys might have a better idea of the women, as the women stay on episode after episode (and are filmed and screened regularly), and viewers can get an idea of their personalities.The questions are pointed, and cover all sorts of things; the decisions are snap and sometimes seemingly random. Prior to watching 非诚勿扰, I’d always considered dating shows boring, superficial things; nothing wrong with them, but kind of pointless and not for me.

Now that we are home, and 非诚勿扰 airs on SBS2 Tuesday through Thursday nights, Wendy and I watch it together, from our own couches.

We text our often snarky comments back and forth, making snap pronouncements and guesses as to the outcomes. 非诚勿扰 is incredibly stereotype based; it’s all snap decisions and assumptions, and every word and every choice is weighed for significance and, usually, allows someone to be found wanting.

One contestant came out in a t-shirt, and a woman berated him for not caring about his appearance.

While living in China I met my friend Wendy, also a Chinese-Australian from Melbourne.

We would hang out often, through the afternoon and into the evening. If You Are The One (非诚勿扰) is that Chinese dating show. The premise is that there are 24 women, and they stay on the show episode after episode until they end up with a date.

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