Samsung galaxy weather widget not updating

by  |  23-Nov-2015 03:56

I installed patch G900VVRU2BOK3 on my S5 on 1/5/2016 at pm. I paused and re-enabled the step counting, and have restarted the phone. To upload/download/manage your music, pictures, videos and documents via the Verizon Cloud website, view this info.

These walk you through solutions for issues you may have with your device. I am moving from the HTC Droid Incredible 2 to the Galaxy S5 and need to migrate my text history to the new phone. As a business user it is critical to reference the text history, harvest data or show proof of temporary agreements. Read most of the posts on connectivity issues with the G5. Both USB 2 and 3 ports and different cables and updating the drivers. When I attach the device, I see the phone attached as a drive and then it just disappears....

I have hundreds of songs successfully backed up into my Verizon cloud, however I cannot get them onto my new Samsung S5. and everything I have read or researched has not given me a clear answer.... I need to off load some pics and videos from my galaxy to my pc. But now when I hook up to USB and go to explorer the phone does not display for me to navigate to picture/ folder etc...nothing comes up at all.

A: During the activation process, you will be provided with the option to adding your gmail e-mail address which allows you to redownload all of the applications that you previously had.

Message+ now is highlighting certain words in my text messages.

When you hover over them, an icon appears that you can choose to insert into your message.

To purchase Family Locator via the My Verizon website, view this info.

If you're having issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant.

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