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Bobby Shriver is gay and has dated both Herb Ritts (RIP) and Russell Simmons.

He is now "married" and has a "child" with his "wife."Oprah is asexual at this point in her life if what I hear is true (fuck if I would personally know if it was or not).

She fucked about some with both ladies and gentlemen back in the day, but her day has long been over and she is now asexual.

Candice Bergen kept a rather open seasonal household in the countryside of France. Why she married a goodly while after Louis Malle's passing is beyond me. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a last name I more than likely spelled wrong.

Sarah Paulson fucks for work related profit or so she do think. He also has far more than just the one outside child. This whole thing is the main reason why Maria Shriver's brothers tried to guide her towards calling things a day with the bastard.

She aimed her vagina for the stars with Cherry Jones, though, that is for sure. They have all tried to do that nicely and patiently for over seven years."Vin Diesel - queer as a bottle of crisps.

If Meryl Streep was a Lesbian or had a tendency, Sarah would have tried to get in her pants as well because she is just that fearless in her career related fucking. He was filming in Israel a while ago and hooked up with a soldier"HOT story.

Israeli men, especially cops and military, tend to be gorgeous.

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