Retrospective birth dating of cells in humans

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Xiaowei Zhuang develops advanced imaging techniques, in particular single-molecule and superresolution imaging methods, to study problems of biomedical interest.

Zhuang is most known for the development of the STORM superresolution microscopy technique.

Since then her lab has advanced STORM resolution to the molecular scale and used STORM imaging to discover previously unknown cellular structures, such as the periodic actin-spectrin membrane skeleton in neurons.

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Orwar has pioneered a number of miniaturized single cell methodologies including transfection, and pharmacology tools.

His research lies on the border between chemistry, physics, and biology and he is trying to develop new nanotechnology tools to better understand biological and biochemical processes, in particular membrane biophysics.

Owe Orwar is a recipient of an ERC Advanced Grant and a Biotechnology entrepreneur.

Carlos Bustamante uses novel methods of single-molecule visualization to deepen our understanding of molecular biology.

His laboratory is developing methods of single-molecule manipulation, such as optical tweezers, to characterize the elasticity of DNA, to induce the mechanical unfolding of individual protein molecules, and to investigate the machine-like behavior of molecular motors.

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