Ray lamontagne dating

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in 2004, Ray Lamontagne has been dominating the folk rock genre with his angelic voice and moving lyrics.

He's eager to see the teenagers, for instance, who attend his concerts learn to love the experience of listening to a full piece of work on vinyl.

“It didn't really come to me as something like a batch of songs.

It came to me as a whole,” La Montagne, 42, told The Huffington Post of the upcoming collection produced alongside My Morning Jacket’s Jim James.

When left with a little too much time and a little too much curiosity, I wondered what the ultra-private Ray La Montagne’s wife Sarah Sousa looked like and what her life was like. I have to say, she LOOKS like she’d be married to Ray La Montagne.

Not that I’m planning on being the Perez Hilton of folk music, but… She looks smart, has old-fashioned haunting eyes, and when I dug a little deeper, it’s no surprise that she’s an accomplished poet.

Ray lamontagne dating

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