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Edited to Add: It’s frankly depressing that this post has struck a chord with so many people, but I’m grateful and honored to be able to help the letter writers and to have given voice to what so many people were feeling.Unfortunately the demands of moderating this discussion have become overwhelming this week, so as of Monday, August 13th comments are locked. Thank you for all of your insightful contributions and for making this one of the best commentspaces on the Web. He’s about 10 years older than the rest of us on average, divorced with two kids.And I know this is going to sound like every in-denial LW who ever wrote in to an advice columnist ever, but he’s not a bad guy.

and he’s driving away all of his female friends with his behavior.

He’s mostly been concentrating on the other women: telling them to expose themselves, telling them their skirts weren’t flying high enough while they were dancing, hitting on them when he knows they have boyfriends.

(My husband tells me Creeper has also hit on me a couple times, but I haven’t noticed it.) Most of this happens when he is drunk, but even sober he has a tendency to make sexist jokes or joke about sex and then tell us we have no sense of humor when we don’t find them funny.

But by asking a question, you give this person something to respond to if he or she decides to write.

If you just started online dating, or perhaps you re a veteran, there are a few important questions to ask your potential date so you can more easily determine if.

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