Ps3 nba2k8 not updating caker dating 2016

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For example, according to, over the last 10 years there have only been three (how fitting) occasions where the NBA champion has shot a lower percentage from “downtown” than their opponents.

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Yes, the last 10 champions shot the ball fairly well from beyond the arc, but the fact that they held their opponents to a lower shooting percentage from three-point land means those teams defended the shot well.

When playing against the computer, an online opponent or your next-door neighbor always remember to defend that line.

Teams with shooters like Jason Kapono, Dirk Nowitzki, Ray Allen and Kyle Korver all become dangerous because of their ability to shoot the three well.

Developers are often criticized for seemingly doing as little as possible from one year to the next with their sports games. It’s superior to last year’s game in almost every way; there’s loads of new content and the gameplay is better than ever.

Issues, such as missed shots close to the basket and atrocious documentation, hurt the overall package.

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