Paper heart are they really dating

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And I think Bill [Hader] had told me, too, "You've gotta see Charlyne Yi." When he started performing, she was one of his favorites. It's fairly similar to the one in the film, I guess.

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But it's very much of a brother-sister relationship.

In fact, early on, people used to think we were dating, and we were always disgusted by that. I think because we never saw each other that way at all.

But we would be hanging out, and people would say, "Hey, you and Charlyne, eh?

, not only do stars Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera play themselves, but director Nicholas Jasenovec casts an actor to play his own stand-in, who directs Yi on a voyage of romantic self-discovery.

It's a very meta juggling act, but one that's a perfect fit for Yi, the alternative comedienne who stole scenes in Judd Apatow's .

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