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I became very interested in this class, and I decided to go deeper into it, trying not only to translate the text, but in passing, to learn a lot of other literature, to understand where the action is, who can be the main character and the people around him, as well as other moments that remain outside the narrative.

It felt ridiculous, yet alarming to see her arms tied to bedposts.

She was known to be a sober-minded woman in her neighborhood and none of the person she knew could ever think of making such an absurd joke on her.

It was indeed pointless for a mother of three like Sara to be treated like this but most alarming thing was that she had been tied on bed in an unfamiliar room.

Glance over every corner, in every wander, hidden from the surrounding maze.

Sad and cuddly, affectionate and passionate, snare and vice versa, forcing relax.

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