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by  |  20-Dec-2015 02:54

This is a 5 star book with lots of rape and sex in it. Rape in a book immediately makes a bad guy unsalvable.When a rape scene comes up, I know, this is a very bad person that needs some killing.Giving grapic depictions does not make the act worse, it just draws me out of the story and becomes unpleasant.

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So, in the end, a 5 star book is going to get a 3-4 rating because they felt the sex scenes are drawing people in. How many people like their Action/UF books to have explecit sex scenes? Pretty sure the majority would disagree, but I do not.

There have been numerous times in this group and in reviews I mention my dislike of gratuitous amounts of sex so I won't go super detailed.

If it's something that's built up to, I don't mind it so much.

I know that the majority of Urban Fantasy is written by women, and a lot of those women also write romance novels.

I will eventually write a review of it but there is something that really bugs me and I want to get off my chest. I am not some poor biddy clutching a bible to my chest and damning the souls of writers who write about something I don't like.

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