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The process basically entails a series of brief, five-to-ten minute, two-way interviews with a slew of completely random people. And while generally the conversations were awkward but polite, a few seasoned participants asked “clever” questions. One of my partners asked me if I’d heard of the psychologist Arthur Aron’s 36 questions that supposedly make you fall in love with anyone. He switched gears and asked the name of the last movie that made me cry, I admitted that a recent episode of But things started out weird. My Budweiser was almost gone and I was out of cash. But I can empathize with the staunchest critics of Tinder et al, who point to the encroachment of a Silicone Valley-ethos into our romantic relationships and sex lives, which reads something like: The goal is to manage one’s time efficiently so as to maximize work output for the corporate monsters we devote nearly all our waking hours to already.

In what other circumstance would I feel so vulnerable? Call me a romantic, but when it comes to relationships, expediency seems counterintuitive.

Doesn’t this sense of urgency, the quick swipe, go against what relationships and sex stand for: a welcome departure from the daily schlep, the opportunity to enjoy the closeness of another human being?

Of course, dating apps can still help you arrive at these ends, but what are we missing in between if the means are so swift and calculated?

ou might be surprised to learn that speed dating still exists–and not just in limbo somewhere between Missouri, middle management, and web 1.0.

In fact, speed dating is still an option for singles right here in our Tinder-addicted metropolis.

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