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If you are looking for strip bars and adult clubs in the Kolkata area, then the Kolkata Bars/Clubs category is for you.

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They stand in lit up boxes and let it all (and I do mean all) hang out.

But no, it gets even worse - when the contestant begins to eliminates possible soulmates based on nothing but what they can see of their naked bodies, the eliminated suitor then walks out from behind the screen (still naked) to say goodbye. As the show progresses, more and more of the contestant's bodies are revealed, and in the fourth round the contestant gets to hear their voices.

During the final round, the contestant also gets naked, so everybody's naked and there are just genitals everywhere, but hopefully an actual love connection too?

Thousands of viewers complained on Twitter and media guardians branded Naked Attraction — an uncensored nude dating show — the ‘worst programme ever shown on TV’.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has already received 24 complaints about nudity.

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