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what he told me all of a sudden, he replied: -bam so, can I’ll take you to the edge of the world?

Then followed another bite into the penis and in the back. I was in a state of excitement, when the boundary of fun next to any event, whether it is pain, humiliation or any perversion that just may come to mind.

- Dirty bitch I want you and me nothing hurt - You went imbitsil worthless fuck me, motherfucker crappy, shove his desire his ass, fucking fag!

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By the Goddesses, yes.” I bent down and took his manhood into my mouth, showing him the attention he so deserved.

It was, in a way, sweet revenge, as he trembled the same way I trembled when he fingered me earlier.

The tip of his flesh sword felt so good rubbed all within my mouth.

Oh god as a thoroughbred arabian horse that needs your skillful tongue and mouth I love bones.

The goddess ready to explore different avenues to expand his horizons.

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