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The entrant cannot create an entry without ticking the 2 (or 3) tick boxes.

However, because the insurer and lawyers require each driver identify themselves (via a CEE username and password) before ticking these tick boxes, for the 10% of entries which involve a driver who is not the entrant, those drivers will still be required to sign the disclaimer, until they are create their own CEE account.

CAMS has worked closely with our insurers to put the required standards in place to achieve this and no other online systems have been approved.

CAMSEvent Entry – CALENDAR OF EVENTS LOADED A six month list of 250 events have been loaded into CEE to make it easier for you to use CEE.

Only summary information has been loaded such as name of the event, where, dates and contact person.

CAMSEvent Entry (CEE) Using CAMSEvent Entry is an easier and quicker way of entering motoring events.

With CEE you can, * store information about your cars, your friends, your transporter and yourself, * edit your information whenever you want, * search for available events, read the Sup Regs, * enter and pay and * check the status of your entry and view an up-to-the-minute list of entries.

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