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by  |  21-Jul-2015 06:50

v=TOv1Lc Ql4xg - Ima pull up to da Target, Rainbow Dash in hand.

v=a SH2JVa2Wwk - Becoming Popular (Yelling at cats)

v=KS46ts Hz Dgg - Hish now quiet now (Lucid dream mix)

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It's PG13, like many dating sims, they're more about building friendships and falling in love rather than getting nasty behind the bikesheds.

Oh and don't forget the puzzle solving and story telling, some of you might not know this but Prof.

Layton is secretly a dating sim, this is legit I swear.

The Game Developers are holding a Kickstart fund riser, you can check that out here.

The art work is damn amazing and the voice acting is very nice.

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