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The legal answer is, it depends on where you are having the relationship, and whether the laws of that region allow it.The religious answer is, Islam does not condone a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl unless they are husband and wife.However, it depends on how religious he is, as there are moderate Muslims in unmarried relationships of varying degrees of intimacy.

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The societal answer is, it depends on his family, as well as which society your relationship would take place in.

If his family's not cool with it because of your different religions, I'd say it's best to keep out and avoid disrespecting them, because as a fellow East Asian I know we don't tend to be big on religion, so you might not enjoy this struggle.

Not all Muslims are the same, and your love could be impossible, or it could blossom to the point where you adopt his culture and religion or he might adopt yours.

Out of what you mentioned in details she wants it to work, even by going against teachings of her religion.

Because, she's telling you to (fake) reverting to Islam (jokingly) so that you'd be able to marry her.

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