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by  |  21-May-2016 23:47

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Another fantasizes during her Cross Fit class about “tying the trainer up, stripping down with my other class-mates and fucking in front of him.” A man dreams of being a pool boy who leaves fliers on women’s cars reading, “I clean your pool. English spoken.”These are just a couple of the stories found on the NSFW website XConfessions, which solicits people’s fantasies and chooses two each month to turn into short pornographic films.

The woman behind this ambitious project is Erika Lust, an award-winning “erotic film director,” founder of the feminist-minded production company Lust Films and author of the 2009 book “Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide.” The resulting product — in terms of both the website and the new compilation DVD set “One Year of Lust” — is one part erotica, one part human sexuality textbook and one part artistic hardcore porn.

The remarkable thing is that the stories themselves are plenty engrossing even without the films.

If I’ve learned anything as a sex writer, it’s that people treasure their fantasies.

Of course they are also ashamed of them, but that rarely lessens the degree to which they are impressed by them.

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