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There is something about being chosen, even if it's not by the right guy, that has women clinging to relationships everyone else can see are going nowhere.

Last year, Jennifer Gauvain, a clinical social worker and author, released her finding that "30 percent of divorced women knew they were marrying the wrong guy on their wedding day." As Gauvain said, "Getting engaged can be a triumph, and if he's the wrong guy, the high from the attention of the engagement can minimize that fact."For the women in these relationships, there are signs.

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Life isn't black and white, but if you have some doubts, these are indicators that he's not in a place to marry you.

It's not about him not loving you; it's about him not wanting to marry you.

And you'll thank him years from now for not doing it.1.

You've been dating for a year or two (or three) and keep fending off the "so when are you two going to get married" question from well-meaning friends and family. He eventually broke up with me, and frankly, I'd like to thank him for it.

Sometimes, after so many years together, you assume he has to be. I remember my ridiculous assumption that my old boyfriend, a man I was in love with, would one day marry me.

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