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In this feature, I will share with my reading public some of the recent google searches that led unsuspecting souls to my blog. I mean, I'm a dude of the straight persuasion (my doctor confirmed it, so you can save your jokes), but COME ON. At first, I read this as "Kyle Singler black," and was very intrigued.

These are all true and verbatim, taken from my statcounter page. As if two friends were having a debate, and on friend was like "Kyle Singler is the best white player in the NCAA," and the other friend was like "what are you talking about?

The usual googlers get here by searching for information about Seth Curry, or just googling my blog title. Singler's black, dude." And the argument raged on until they had to resort to google. (See third one down.) 'Yo whatup google its me again I'm the dude from last week who was wonderin' bout my man seth curry you know the dude was supposed to be at duke this year but i been watching duke games and he barely plays what's the deal does coach k hate him or something or did he maybe quit basketball cuz of family shit anyway hit me back man i didn't get nothing last time and i heard you supposed to be the best peace.' led to this post.

This is now the official blog for the legions of females who spend time wondering about the romantic life of either Plumlee. There are no websites on the entire internet that agree with you about Mason Plumlee being cute.

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