Maryland adult chat room

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The woman, barely in her 20s and estranged from her family, worked two jobs as she tried to launch a singing career.

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But the group's motto breathed tranquillity: "One Team, One Family." Most alluring, the group was going on tour.

The young woman eagerly joined up, and even became what she thought was the leader's girlfriend. They got as far as a motel on a seedy stretch of U. 1 in Laurel before she realized something was wrong.

Instead of a singing tour, she was taken back and forth to a nightclub on The Block to strip for money. Federal prosecutors say this woman and others were lured into a sex ring that stretched from Maryland to Texas, from the Depression-era strip clubs along East Baltimore Street to a stucco, frontier-style adult entertainment center on an interstate access road on the dusty outskirts of El Paso.

Authorities said the women were forced to strip and work as prostitutes.

They were beaten and robbed of their income, their cellphones and identification cards confiscated in a sophisticated enterprise that took in more than $1 million since 2009, according to documents filed in federal court.

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