Married email dating aberdeenshire

by  |  12-Dec-2015 20:05

im Liz im sex starved and sex mad il try anything once searching for compatible people just for fun off and on line [BR][BR]I would like a guy that's sexually open and try to prepared to try new things.

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[SMILE] [BR][BR]Im a pretty easy going person who likes doing active things, whether thats sports, travelling or just going for a wander somewhere new!

I do also enjoy duvet days with a good film and nice sex email dating aberdeenshire a pretty decent cook and love cooking for others- so far i havent given anyone food poisoning!!!

[BR][BR]I have a pretty broad taste in music and will listen to almost anything...[BR][BR]I like spending time with honest people who are open to having a laugh and trying new people that make me smile and that have manners!

[BR]A few other likes include Maltesers, Sandy beaches, sunrise, awful rom-coms, laughing, good white sex email dating aberdeenshire my duvet, hights, strawberries, ice skating- i could go on!!

[BR]However i dislike cheats, liars, people who dont say thank raw tomatoes, whisky, the smell of cat food and bad fitting shoes!

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