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Liquidation usually means the company’s trading stops and it’s assets are turned into cash or “liquidated”.All other possible liabilities, like employment or renting a property, are stopped.It really is the end of the company, but the “business” may survive.

NEW March 2016 – Complete Guide to Creditors Voluntary Liquidation – 50 page PDF free to download Creditors Voluntary Liquidation is started by the directors, they tell the shareholders the company is not viable, it is insolvent and they must stop trading.

The shareholders then ask a licensed insolvency practitioner to call a creditors meeting as soon as possible (not less than 14 days notice is required, but its usually 21 or so days).

At this meeting the creditors vote to appoint a liquidator. So, this is why it’s called Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.

It’s very common, quick and a very powerful way to close a business and deal with things properly.

You can get on with a new business or job, the company is closed, leases cancelled and all the staff made redundant.

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