problems with dating a non christian - Liquidating assets before divorce

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Avoidance powers: Rights given to the bankruptcy trustee (or the debtor in possession in a Chapter 11) to recover certain transfers of property such as preferences or fraudulent transfers or to void liens created before the commencement of a bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy is a matter of federal law and is, with the exception of exemptions, the same in every state.

When federal bankruptcy law conflicts with state law, federal law controls.

Bankruptcy Code incorporating changes effective 10/17/05. Bankruptcy estate: The estate is all of the legal and equitable interests of the debtor as of the commencement of the case.

Here is a brief definition of those terms used in this site and in the Bankruptcy Code.

Adequate protection: Payment to a secured creditor to protect the value of the creditor's lien during the bankruptcy proceeding from loss due to depreciation or non payment of a senior lien.

Liquidating assets before divorce

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