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To see how it works , follow the steps below; Step1 Crate a ASP. I am leaving default data source name Linq Data Source1 Next you need to choose the context object .

From the dialog box you need to choose LINQ and if you want you can edit the data source name as well.

I am creating Data Context class from School Database by selceting Person table. Step 3 Go ahead and drag and drom a Grid View on page. Select Properties of Grid View by clicking on the arrow key at right top of Grid View and then Choose Data Source option selcet New data source.

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We have already created Data Context named Data Classes1Data Context1 .

Choose Data Classes1Data Context1 as context object .

After choosing context object click on Next button .

From next dialog box choose table and columns you want to bind grid view .

Click on the advanced button, Since you want data in grid view editable. Click Ok and clcik on Finish Step 4 Since you want to Edit, Delete and Insert data from Grid View. You would able to Edit, Delete and View the data in Grid View without writing a single line of code.

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