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After three years of public middle school, I had decided to go to Bellarmine Prep, a private school, for my high school education.The classes and teachers were first rate, but there was a significant downside to the Bellarmine experience: it was a Jesuit school, and religion played a significant part in student life.

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A religion class was required in the Freshman curriculum that focused on basic Christian beliefs and seemed to be taught at the fifth grade level.

The religion classes forced me to look at my spiritual beliefs--and I found them lacking.

I had never questioned my beliefs before this time; I guess I never really had a reason to.

By the time I left Bellarmine I had begun to reject the Christianity of my youth, and had no qualms about going back to public school where there was a separation of church and state.

My interest in Satanism slowly developed during my Sophomore year (1985-86).

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