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The salt itself is not necessarily kosher, but takes its name from the curing process used on kosher meats.

It is ideal for certain cooking projects and is preferred to table salt by many professional chefs because it has a more mild flavor, and the flaky crystalline structure of the salt helps it adhere to a variety of surfaces, from fish to margarita glasses.

Like all salts, this variety is a form of sodium chloride.

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Table salt is heavily refined so that it has a precise square shape, and iodine is usually added during the refining process.

Kosher salt is allowed to remain a more coarse-grained salt, meaning that the structure under a microscope looks like a series of cubes stacked on top of each other, rather than a single grain. Meat with blood in it will not be approved for Jewish consumption by a rabbi and cannot carry a kosher label.

Kosher slaughterhouses use salt to extract all of the blood from their meat to ensure that the meat will comply with dietary laws.

A Passover status of “Kosher for Passover without special certification” indicates that this OU certified product does not require special Passover certification.

To search the OU Kosher industrial product database click here OU Products Not Found on Website The OU website provides a search field for OU certified products.

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